About us

We are often asked, "what do you do?"

Well, it's a good question! It is very hard to describe in simple terms what we do because, in well over 20 years, no two projects have been the same.

What we can say is that we are a very specialised high technology consulting company able to help our customers add value to their manufacturing, their technology, their staff or their IPR.

To do this we engage deeply with the customer to help them with (for example)

  • The management of new production or R+D facilities.
  • The introduction of new technology on a big or small scale.
  • Training staff at all levels in technology, project management and production engineering.
  • Locating partners for people with the expertise to exploit and who want technology transfers, joint ventures or sales and marketing arrangements of all kinds.

Where do we do it?

ANYWHERE, geography has never bothered us. Wherever your project is that is where we will be.

Having worked in most parts of the world over the past 20 years, we understand what it means to work in a variety of cultures and we are sensitive to that. We are happy to go where the interesting projects are AND we eat (nearly) anything!

Please look at some of the examples of things we have actually done on other pages of this website.

It is only a representative selection, so you may not think that we have done anything that is similar to your project or your requirements, but actually the chances are that over our 20 years we almost certainly have, so get in touch to see how we can really help you.

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