Team Members

Peter Kember

Managing Director | United Kingdom

Peter has 40 years experience in the semi-conductive business. He started the company in 1992 and ever since has been running high tech projects all around the world. He has lead many professional teams to create new technology operations big and small. Peter has a personal interest in training the best generations of technologists globally. He holds a BSc and MSc in Physics and on MBA.

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Maurice Ford

Insert Job Title | Insert Location

Maurice started out in the Semiconductor Industry in 1983. Specializing in Lithography, he worked for two major Wafer Stepper suppliers, GCA/ISI and ASML. His start as a Service Engineer gave him a good technical grounding in the use and application of Wafer Steppers. During his time there, he held various positions such as Sales Manager and Director of European Business Development. In 2001 Maurice started his own Representation/Distribution company giving him exposure to Wet Process and Metrology Equipment. Along the way he earned his MBA to round out his profile.

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Sean Farnan

Insert Job Title| Malaysia

Kember Associates is pleased to announce the placement of Sean Farnan as a manufacturing and technology transfer expert professional, specialising in the application of functional organic semiconductors.
Sean is based in Malaysia. He will specialise in using thin films for use as barrier layer, dielectric and conducting layers or other functional architecture; opportunities in OLED lighting, flexible OLED architectural lighting and photovoltaic for static and flexible modules.

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Paul Connelly

Insert Job Title | United Kingdom

With over 20 years of experience in the Semiconductor, Hi-Tech and Pharma manufacturing sectors and latterly in Defence, Construction and Oil & Gas. Paul brings a wealth of experience to further the already considerable experience at Kember Associates. His abilities are anchored on a background-image of Microelectronics, Computing, Physics, Mechanics and Communication Engineering.
Being able to draw on his technical expertise and experience, he is able to devise original solutions for processes and end-user mind-sets, whilst harnessing the resources to hand. With good team-building skills, adopting a hands-on approach and maintaining high standards and good humour, Kember Associates can continue its high standards and success rates.

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Sally Ponton

Insert Job Title | United Kingdom

Sally Ponton is our company administrator who keeps the company functioning and supports us all on the projects we do. She has a great deal of experience of personnel management, accounting and other essential “back room” operations gained over many years working for blue chip companies in the UK and elsewhere. Sally does all the things that keep the team operational and on the road!

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Hamid Sulaiman

Insert Job Title | Asia

Hamid Sulaiman is our regional director for SE Asia. He has a long track record in semiconductor technology and equipment and has particularly extensive links in the R&D sectors in several SE Asian countries, not just in Malaysia. Hamid is responsible for local customer care and project tracking. He also takes care of our wide range of links with various government bodies and other national technology groups in Malaysia.

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