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Kember Associates is set up to support our customers in a large variety of ways as they seek to expand and grow in whatever way makes sense to them.

Big Stuff

For some people/businesses their intended growth is on a big scale. It may mean building a new factory or putting in a completely new production line. These are big projects, they are complex and expensive and often take a long time to plan, fund and obtain the necessary approvals for. We are used to dealing with how these big projects go and we are happy to be involved from the start, knowing that completion, or even starting the real work, could be several years away. However, by being involved from the start we can help to lay sound foundations on which the whole project is built.

It is essential in these cases to start with an overview. It must be clear to all the stakeholders why the project is proposed and what the outcome, both technical and financial, will be. Understandably, often the people working these projects find it hard to step back and see the bigger picture. We at Kember Associates have always been clear strategists so we can help, even at the beginning of a project, by offering an independent view. As the project actually starts we become more hands-on and can help in a wide variety of ways.


Taking responsibility and control for the overall project; working on our own or (better still) working hand in hand with the customer’s staff.


We often help with locating suitable external technology to be transferred in if required or else we work with in-house teams to define precisely the technology to be run in the new facility.

Following this flows equipment selection, testing, installation and commissioning. We are well known at many leading semiconductor equipment companies and can help select the most appropriate and cost effective equipment.

Finally we work with reliable partners who help design, build and commission cleanrooms, production areas, factory utilities and complex tool hook up.

So for big projects we are there for the long haul. We do understand what long haul can mean and are not troubled by the inevitable programme changes that occur as things go along. We are your reliable partners from the start until the very end.

Smaller Stuff

Not everybody is building new factories. Many people just want a little job done which can be measured in days and weeks not in years. That is fine with us also. You may need a new type of technology in your products or research, you may want to know how you can exploit the technology that you already have, or you may want help to commercialise it on your own.

You might want to do all sorts of any number of things but in general we can help, and on the rare occasions that we really can’t help we will say so directly and not pretend we can and thereby waste your time.

Our expertise ranges over the world of semiconductors and thin film science and technology. This includes many, many things but a brief list would take Si CMOS, Si Power, GaAs (opto and microwave) MEMS and organic/plastic electronics (including OLEDs and displays) Business wise we can offer to do project management, business plan preparation, marketing studies, due diligence work of all kinds and commercialisation activities.

So even if you only need a few days or a few weeks of work, we will be able to help you  and that is great by us. Give us a call and lets talk.

People Stuff

In many ways this is the most satisfying work we do – working with people to enhance their skills and their understanding is always a challenge but always rewarding.

So if you need training for new staff, new teams or even a key individual, we are happy to help. Some of the training projects we have done have been formal (e.g. week long lecture courses) others have been hands on and working with new teams to bring them up to speed in certain technologies. Some of these projects have lasted over a year.

If you need a temporary team to come and do some work for you, and then disappear, we can fix that too. Our experts working in any appropriate combination with other experts who we know and trust, can sometimes be a cost effective way of getting a “one off” job done without disrupting your own staff.

So technology is great fun but people are better, so let us help you there too.

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