Fraunhofer, Germany

We have worked for the Fraunhofer Society for as long as we have been in existence. We have a range of common interests with their ISiT (Fraunhofer Institut fuer Siliziumtechnologie) centre in Itzehoe, near Hamburg. There they make a variety of MEMs devices with applications in many fields, as well as having innovative R&D groups who create new concepts and equipment types for microelectronic processing.

Over the years we have helped to:

  • Get industrial customers worldwide (including Asia) for the IPR ISiT had generated internally. Such customers would interact with ISiT by means of licensing agreements, technology transfers and other related activities. Different in each case.
  • Find industrial partners interested in doing joint development work in technology and equipment.
  • Create and then manage EU wide R&D projects that look at how these novel MEMs devices can be applied in a variety of technologies, with a special emphasis on medical applications

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