Plastic Logic 1

Plastic Logic was good fun!! The bold plan was to take a good concept for a flexible organic semiconductor based display, from the lab on Cambridge Science Park to the world’s first plastic electronic factory in Dresden

This created the need to design, equip and set running a production line literally like no other, anywhere. So Kember Associates set off to create the front end of the production line using a range of equipment, some standard but a lot that had to be customised for this particular job.

The equipment had to be specified in great detail, monitored during build (all over the world), fully functionally tested before shipment and then installed and commissioned in Dresden.

Then the real work began…………

Many different pieces of equipment from all over the world now had to be made to work together, their processes integrated, so we could produce the device technology Plastic Logic needed.

Of course we got there and along the way enjoyed working with many engineers as well training a lot of new staff unfamiliar with the technology. A real large scale success story.



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