Small-dimension wafer industry

Bright prospects for the future | 20th Nov 202020


“The small-wafer (1’’ - 6’’) market is anything but “dead”,” asserts Gaël Giusti, PhD., Technology & Market Analyst specializing in Semiconductor Manufacturing and Equipment & Materials at Yole Développement (Yole).“At Yole, we forecast 1,8% CAGR between 2019 and 2025 and estimated revenues of US$5.4 billion in 2025. More than Moore applications represent the overwhelming part of this market, and as such it is still very dynamic. In fact, non-Si wafer markets exhibit moderate to strong CAGRs over the 2019 - 2025 period: for example, 19.5% for SiC, with revenues estimated at US$712 million in 2025. Only Si exhibits a moderate negative CAGR, with -3.3% over the same period for sub-6’’ Si wafers, due mostly to power and RF applications increasingly transitioning to 8’’ and even 12’’”...


What does Kember Associates offer?

What services do we provide? Well the short answer is whatever you need – which sounds rather ambitious, but represents what we try and do. We have been helping clients for 22 years now and  we are sure we can help - really!

A few specifics would be:-

  • Project management – from big to small jobs, keeping your projects on track and on budget
  • Technology transfer – managing moving technology from you to a customer or partner or vica versa
  • Business development – helping you find new markets, customers, partners – anywhere in the world
  • Due diligence work – thinking of buying a company or a new technology or have other expansion plans but want an independent assessment first?– We can help. We do this type of work for many people globally today.
  • Training – new staff, no time to train them? – Let us help. Training courses in a wide range of technology, tailored to your exact needs, are all part of what we do.

It’s not possible to make a comprehensive list; everybody’s needs are different, but talk to us about your exact needs. Chances are we have done something similar before and can help you.

Other examples are:

  • Fab Layout
  • Facilities layout
  • Purchase Strategy for Capital Equipment
  • Purchase Strategy for Consumables
  • Manage installation of Equipment
  • Arrange training
  • Process Development
  • Process Qualification

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