Dr Zineb Seghrouchni dealing with Photovoltaic projects

Our Consultancy Services | 11th Nov 202020

Dr Zineb Seghrouchni is a senior executive with 15 years’ experience in Project Engineering of vertical and downstream integration solutions for power generation by using PV solar resources. She has successfully developed during the last five years over 14.3 GW of PV projects worldwide and adds a complimentary ability to Kember Associates Project and Process management solutions. Zineb  brings her wide experience of corporate management to Kember Associates, including her expertise in Global Project Management, Business Analysis, Research & Development and Operations in both the Semiconductor and Solar industries,. 

Kember Associates can now offer additional consultancy services relevant to the solar industry:

  • Fund raising support,
  • Technology Assessment,
  • Business Plan,
  • Feasibility Study,
  • Detailed Design & Engineering,
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain establishment
  • Turnkey PV manufacturing projects.

These are in addition to our normal offerings of:

  • Project management – from big to small jobs, keeping your projects on track and on budget
  • Technology transfer – managing moving technology from you to a customer or partner or vica versa
  • Business development – helping you find new markets, customers, partners – anywhere in the world
  • Due diligence work – thinking of buying a company or a new technology or have other expansion plans but want an independent assessment first? We can help. We do this type of work for many people globally today.
  • Training – new staff, no time to train them? – Let us help. Training courses in a wide range of technology, tailored to your exact needs, are all part of what we do.

Kember Associates is highly skilled in identifying specific market needs to develop tailored business models and economics and turn these into sustainable bankable products and solutions with successful projects for PV and semiconductor. We have experience in:-

  • Turkey,
  • Algeria,
  • Spain,
  • Italy,
  • France,
  • Germany,
  • India,
  • Russia,
  • Singapore,
  • China,
  • Malaysia,
  • Indonesia,
  • Taiwan,
  • Philippines,
  • Japan,
  • USA,
  • Brazil,
  • Argentina

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