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In the news - Brazilian style!

Kember Associates hits the national press | 3rd Nov 201414

We hit the national press with an article about a company we reviewed for the government. What follows is a translation of that article

After 14 years on the road, on a trip often marked by setbacks, the CEITEC, a public company that produces chips in Porto Alegre, goes in search of new horizons. The change of route, traced by the British consultancy Kember Associates, says the international market as the shortest way to reach the state so desired destination, financial independence.

Besides identifying new market niches to be explored, the British consultancy - which has operated for 22 years in the market and has already developed similar work for companies in Germany, Russia, China and the United States - showed the need for improvements in processes and indicated equipment that needed to be updated so CEITEC would be able to compete with foreign competitors and do much better in their home market.

The long-awaited freedom should arrive in 2018, says Virgilio Almeida, President of the Administrative Board of CEITEC (see interview below).


Professor of Computer Science at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Virgilio Almeida leads since 2011 the Secretariat for Information Technology Policy of the Ministry of Science and Technology. From there, also accounts for the presidency of the board of CEITEC. In the following interview, Virgilio guarantees: "CEITEC will be black by 2018."

What was the diagnosis of the consulting firm hired to assess the commercial feasibility of the CEITEC?
The consulting work identified niches and new markets that can be exploited. Also they pointed out the need for improvements in processes and equipment that needs to be updated.

With benefit of the  consulting advuice, doesthe company remains public or are private partnerships to be entertained?
Our mission, as a government, is to strengthen the CEITEC. Let us not seek private partners. We keep seeing the CEITEC as a government company.

What was the advice?
Kember Associates; it is a small consulting firm, but it has made ​​such analysis in several countries. They are professionals who have worked in the microelectronics industry for many years, able to perform a wider technology assessment.

How was the work was done
There were two professionals directly involved in the analysis: the consultant Peter Kember and another engineer. They visited the Ministry of Science and Technology and the CEITEC for a week. From there, they began to interact with the company's management and engineers, discussing the processes.

After more than a decade without generating revenue, the CEITEC last year reached the first million dollars. When the company will get out of the red?
We have a plan by 2018 to break even. This expectation is feasible because there are niche markets such as traceability and logistics, where CEITEC already operates, which tend to grow with the phenomenon of the “internet of things” becomes more prevalent. The expectation in 2014 is to more than double the turnover .

Full text for those of you who speak Portuguese is below

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