Russia - all sorts of things!

We have worked with Kember Associates for over 15 years of their life. We have carried out several different types of projects in Russia together and we have had a good success. Peter always says “everything is possible” , which has become a bit of joke between us now, but it does describe how Kember Associates works and its very refreshing for us. We both see the Russian market as important and we have plans to work even more closely together in the future.

Alexei Danilin,  CEO,  Innotra Consulting,  Moscow, Russia 

The Project

Russia is a huge place with lots of talented scientist and engineers. They have ambitions to do many things well and we have played key roles in many projects there over the years. These projects have been in diverse fields reflecting the dynamic technology sector there:-

  • A new photomask centre
  • Upgrading an assembly line for packaging of ASICs
  • Giving training to groups of young engineers in several locations on GaAs technology
  • Doing technical due diligence work for various Russian government bodies who wished to evaluate projects that were coming to Russia for manufacturing
  • Doing the concept design for a new GaAs MMIC factory to be built on a “green field” site
  • Advising some very old IC manufacturing plants on realistic ways to improve their technology and equipment without spending a fortune or pulling the existing factories down!

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